DigitalPour 1.5

DigitalPour is a fast growing Portland company that helps restaurants and bars manage their beverage inventory and display menus on large screens in their respective establishments. With hundreds of locations, the next logical step for them was to offer these digital menus to end users on their mobile devices.

The initial MVP (minimum value proposition/product) was a fast 2-week effort. Just in time for the Craft Brewers Conference in May 2016.

We pride ourselves in bringing clients' data to life. In DigitalPour's case, they have an extensive database that serves their participating locations. But you can only see that information if you walk into each actual location. With DigitalPour's App, you can now see all the participating locations' beverage menus; get directions to those locations; see how full the kegs are; and get prices and size options.

Since the initial effort, we have continued to improve the app with:

  • Streamlined UX
  • Beverage searching across all DigitalPour locations
  • Favoriting beverage and see those favorites across all locations
  • For the DigitalPour locations - Mobile Operations. Mobile Operations gives locations access to their Keg Queue and the ability to change their taps without having to go into the back room and sit down at their PC.

We have just scratched the surface of what is possible with this App. Stay tuned for more enhancements.

Check out the iPhone App 

The Android version is also available. You can find it here.