Frequently Asked Questions for the DigitalPour Mobile App


Why do I need an account for the DigitalPour App?

Keeping your personal ratings, reviews and favorites in a safe spot is our priority. If you switch phones, it's as simple as logging into your DigitalPour Mobile account on your new device to get all your information displaying again.

Why am I not seeing my Favorites and Reviews?

Chances are you are logged out of your DigitalPour account. Go to the About area (three vertical dots) and tap on My Profile. A log-in screen will be displayed to get your back on track.

Is my information safe?

Absolutely! We store your account information behind a secure wall. We do not share your information with anyone. We do collect general aggregate information to help us make decisions on how best to present information to you. If you would like to read the nitty-gritty you can go to:

Our Privacy Policy for this App

Our Terms of Use for this App

What is the percentage number next to beverages?

This number is telling you how much is left in the keg. 

Why is my local pub not listed in the DigitalPour Mobile App?

The DigitalPour App displays those locations that have subscribed to the DigitalPour inventory management and menuing service. Tell your local bar or brewery to check out DigitalPour's web site and sign up for a live demo.