Groove Development

We happily supply additional Mobile iOS engineering bandwidth to Groove Development on multiple projects. 

Tiny Creative

We are long time collaborators with Tiny Creative. We have provided add-on development help from time-to-time. We have worked together on experimental projects and brainstorming ideas for our respective businesses. 


We have assisted 7/Apps in extending their development horsepower on many occasions. Some of the projects we have assisted on are Clinique, Gateway Canyons and EyeNote. 


We have provided extensive App QA (quality assurance) for downstream. While we are iOS developers, we have extensive testing experience that downstream has taken advantage of on their large screen App installations.

Tyron Creek Software

We have provided both engineering and QA assistance to Tryon Creek. We have created a proof-of-concept App; provided code reviews for existing projects and tested their Apps.

Sellry Commerce

We help Sellry in extending their services into the Mobile arena with our iOS work.