Going Truly Mobile

Our 2010 Subaru weighted down with our mobile stuff.

Our 2010 Subaru weighted down with our mobile stuff.

After spending the bulk of our careers in the Portland area and own a home for 18+ years, Eric and I decided to make a change.  We were living in a home that was far too big for our empty nester life style. The housing market in the PNW was heating up. Let's sell!

We spent 18 months downsizing our life by getting rid of 2/3's of what we own. It's amazing what you accumulate throughout your life. We took ample advantage of FreeCycle and Craig's List. We also spent a lot that time getting our house in shape to sell.

We put the house on the market, in July and WHAM... it sold in less than a week. Now what?

Both of us like to travel. What if we explore the U.S.? Sound good, but we can't retire yet. Well, we really only need an internet connection and our computers to do our work. Okay, we can make that work. 

We started researching AirBnB and discovered we could rent fully furnished homes (or apts.) for one month at a time. This would give us an opportunity to get to know a community; have enough attention stability for our clients and their project needs; not having to pack and move too often was important too. Great! This is sounding pretty good.

We committed to a 6-month period, minimum and no more than 2 years maximum. Neither of us got cold feet. Done...we're off.

While figuring out what to bring with us, we knew it was important for Eric to have a comfortable and productive working environment. Bringing both his 27" workspaces (iMac+Monitor) will pack okay. We had no idea what type of table/desk space we would find in each of our locations. Hmmm... what to do? How about standing/sitting desk? Okay... but how the heck will that fit in the car? After some research we found a Jarvis desk that would break down and lay flat in the back of our Subaru Outback. The need for a comfortable chair became less important with this desk solution. With the addition of a pogo stick seat, we had Eric's workspace dialed. Done.

We had one active client wanting a new App written. After talking about our plans, they were onboard as long as they didn't feel neglected by our distractions. We definitely can do that.

We got our Subie packed, floor to ceiling, plus a roof rack. Off we go... first stop Idaho.