Developing with a Swizzle Stick

Swizzle Stick: A stick used for stirring still drinks or taking the fizz out of sparkling ones. Or one of those really small straws for stirring cocktails or coffee.

The rack of "helpful" application tips at the UPS Store in Burley, Idaho

The rack of "helpful" application tips at the UPS Store in Burley, Idaho

As mentioned in our earlier post, most of our work can be done anywhere that has an internet connection. That said, a fairly robust connection (3+Mb down / 1.5Mb minimum up) is appreciated.

When we arrived in Burley, Idaho, for our first stay on our road adventure, we discovered that this poor town is stuck in the 1990's.

We did a speed test and our apartment's internet service was a dismal .8Mb down and .25Mb up. YIKES! Our host was willing to help us improve this, but it took a few days to explain and get what we needed.

During that time we continued working on our client's project while sniping and making jokes about dial-up and DSL. Little did we know that this connection was, in fact, a DSL connection.

Cindy was starting to test our client's App - CardFool - which had many API calls. She found some pretty interesting bugs based on network timeouts and general connectivity slowness issues -- screen redraw issues; content failing to fully load, App launch and coming from the background oddities, etc. 

We laughed and grumbled, but we were grateful for having a swizzle stick connection that we wouldn't have normally had in Portland. It's hard to replicate this environment without tools and/or knowledge of this sort of thing.

Here's to making the most of a bad situation!