Take a Working Walk

We've all seen the articles telling us how important moving is for our overall health. We are desk or sofa workers. We're glued to our monitors trying to get our work done. Eric and I are in the same room and it is easy to stay seated and have our work discussions, right there, throughout the day.

We make a point of getting out for a lengthy walk most days. We find that chatting about features, timelines, app ideas, etc. much easier and more in-depth when we are away from our desks. Slack, Chat, email, etc. aren't chirping at us and the topics of conversation become a priority for that 45 minutes to an hour. It's also provides a great change of perspective. 

Working for ourselves doesn't give us a lot of opportunity to "set it aside" and we have accepted that fact. So, we change our view at least once during a work day. We may still be working, but walking gives our brains and bodies a bit of a break from the bits flowing at us through those series of tubes.

We've been rewarded with new and different ideas to old problems. We can check in with each other on what challenges we are facing in our respective roles. Most of the time the other's point-of-view is welcome. For example: I may not have intimate knowledge of Eric's coding, but I can ask layman questions that may get him thinking differently. More simply.

The challenge of the working walk is making sure you remember the outcomes and get them written down when you get back to the desk. Settling in after a walk usually involves some, "What did we decide about ...?" 

One other benefit of this routine is we tend to end up near a bar around happy hour. Cheers!